Dev Different Podcast Ep/01 - Getting Started & Building Your MVP

The first episode of the DevDifferent podcast discusses how to approach building your first software MVP.

In this episode of the DevDifferent podcast, the team at CodeBuddy discusses challenges when building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and shares their experiences and insights. They emphasize the importance of validating the concept before investing significant time and money and suggest starting with the minimum sellable product (MSP) rather than building out the full product.The team shares their own experiences with pivoting and the importance of getting user feedback early on. The conversation explores the challenges of software development, including the lack of standards and the need for constant reinvention. It emphasizes the importance of iterative development, adaptability, and leaving room for uncertainty.They discuss the role of non-technical founders and provide advice on how to avoid being taken advantage of.

CodeBuddy Team
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