Dev Shops Don't Work at the Speed of Startups

Discover how CodeBuddy is transforming the startup development process by bridging the speed gap between agile startups and traditional dev shops, enabling rapid product iteration and market adaptation with their cutting-edge AI and expert developer solutions.

I was talking with Cody Jung of and he said, “Dev shops don’t work at the speed of startups.

It got me thinking…in the insanely fast-paced world of technology startups, speed is everything. Startups thrive on agility, rapid iteration, and the ability to pivot quickly based on market feedback. However, these attributes are often at odds with the operational models of traditional development shops, creating significant friction in the product development lifecycle.

There is just a mismatch in pace and priorities. Startups are often racing against the clock and burning through limited capital to deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) as quickly as possible. Development shops, on the other hand, tend to follow more structured and often slower processes, focusing on thorough documentation, extended planning phases, and rigid timelines. This disconnect can lead to frustration and delays, stifling a startup’s ability to innovate and adapt swiftly to changing market conditions.

Another major issue is the lack of domain-specific expertise around new and emerging technologies. Startups will often operate in niche markets or leverage cutting-edge technologies. Development shops may not possess the specialized knowledge required to fully understand the unique challenges and opportunities within these domains. This gap can result in suboptimal solutions that fail to meet the specific needs of the startup, ultimately impacting the product’s performance and market fit.

What we have developed here at CodeBuddy solves the speed problem. By using a combination of AI and expert developers with experience in your specific technology needs, you can complete tasks in just a few business days rather than weeks or months.

It’s been incredible to see what founders, developers, and technology leaders can do once they start building things at a speed they have never had access to prior by using CodeBuddy.

Tanner Lytle
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